May Ideas – 2016

It’s been a bit of time since I’ve posted ideas, but here are a few if you are looking for a project for the last couple weeks of school!

One point perspective words…. Students begin by writing a word in block letters, then add lines to create a 3D effect.  The final drawing can be decorated or tied in with a poem or another project 🙂



If you keep a scrap box with construction paper bits, this might be a good time to dig in and use those up! Paper bag puppets are a great activity to tap into student creativity. Of course, puppets can also be used for puppet performances! Puppets can be humans, animals, imaginary creatures…. I’m always surprised by students’ choices and creations!

Before letting students go hog wild with the scraps, you may want to show them a few techniques, such as cutting long rectangles for hair or eye lashes, cutting several circles for the eyes, adding layers of different colors, etc.  I would suggest challenging students to not use writing utensils on their puppets, and only use paper scraps to show their details and features.



Scraps can also be used for collage styled landscapes! These landscapes are created with Modge Podge, which gives a nice shine on the final product.  I also used cardboard as the base for students to glue the torn paper onto.  The cardboard’s stiffness helps keep the artwork flat while drying.  To read more details on this project click here.

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