Pinch Pots and Necklaces

Ten classes made Mother’s Day pendants from clay.  This group was a mix of 1st, 2nd and 5th grade students.  This was a nice first introduction to clay for most of these students.  They used a variety of tools to stamp a texture onto their pendant. I noticed the younger students were more content with abstract designs as compared to the 5th grade students.  Many of the older artists want to add words or draw something in the clay, even if their image wasn’t recognizable.

Once the clay dried, students used glaze to paint their pieces.  I’m hoping to see many moms, grandmas or aunts in our community wearing these creations 🙂

Four different classes made pinch pots for Mother’s day.  This was also the first time many of these students used clay.  I’m looking forward to the next clay projects in the coming years with these students so we can continue to build on their clay skills.

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