First Grade Still Life

Oooh la la! Cezanne inspired still life paintings! First grade students did an awesome job drawing and painting apples and a tablecloth. We began by drawing together, following the steps from this blog.  By painting with two colors, students were able to create a realistic look to their apples.  This was relatively simple, by having students first paint a line in the shape of the letter “C” on the edge of their apple with either red or green, then students switched to yellow and filled in the apple, blending the colors a bit.

A similar project was this pear still life.  We used oil pastels and drew an “open circle” with a “rainbow” line on top to create the pear.  Then students used green or red to paint a line on the side of the fruit followed by yellow to fill in the pear.

I painted my own Cezanne inspired still life during a staff professional development painting gathering 🙂 Cezanne is one of my favvvvs



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