Kinder Hearts

This was a long and fun process for these Kindergarten students! First, we started with our background.  Students used a crayon to draw different types of lines.  I asked for suggestions as we drew our lines across the paper.  Once the ball was rolling, students were excited to share the different types of lines they could think of.


After our paper was filled with various lines, we switched to a white piece of paper with the template of a heart on the back.  With a small square of cardboard, students painted the paper with red, yellow, and pink.  Students liked using the cardboard as an alternative to a paintbrush, and it really gives a different approach to mixing colors on the paper.  When the paper was nearly fully painted, we switched to stamping the cardboard using white and purple.  Practicing the difference between “dragging” and “stamping” in painting, I think, will help create more knowledgeable artists as these students approach new canvases.

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