It’s Okay to be Different

I saw this school wide collaborative mural by Cassie Stephens and really wanted to bring the same message to our school! Cassie is the master and I am constantly inspired by her work with students.  SO, we began with folded 12″x18″ papers and students mixed colors to paint the entire paper one section at a time.  We painted three sections with secondary colors and the fourth rectanlge was a color of the student’s choice.  I only had primary colors out, so when a student asked for green, I’d reply in confusion, “uhhh, I don’t have green, what can we mix to get green?!” This was a fun game. It’s fun to let students show you what they’ve learned.

In the next session, when the paper dried, students traced two circles and cut out pieces to create their wacky self-portrait. Lastly we outlined their faces with black paint to add a nice pop.

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