Kandinsky Color Study

Kandinsky is a fun go to.  These first graders used oil pastels and watercolors to create their own Kandinsky inspired artwork. I’m definitely putting this project in my pocket to do with other classes because it always has awesome results!  Students love all the colors and being able to use two mediums in one project is a party. Plus its a great project to practice brush strokes- side to side and using the tippy toes!

When we look at the actual color study by Kandinksy students notice the range of colors and circles easily, but it takes some time before a student will mention the squares.

color study

Students draw their own horizontal line.  I’m seeing a lack of ruler skills in the upper grades, so I try to throw in a ruler here and there with the wee ones.


Sometimes I don’t want to do the same project over and over.  Okay, most times I like to try something new, even if the project is wonderful like this one.  So with the next first grade class, students only drew and painted one section of the “Color Study”.  This time students could use different watercolors within the concentric circles.  Their artwork was posted together in the office for everyone to enjoy!



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