January Ideas- 2016

Happy New Year!

Using crayons or oil pastels if you have them, your students can create this simple yet colorful message.  Once the letters are drawn, students paint each section using watercolors. I pre-drew the two horizontal lines with a ruler for a second grade class that painted these.

Penguins! Here’s a fun penguin students get to draw and assemble themselves.  I’ve done this project with many first and second grade classes.  The penguin can be glued onto painted paper, patterned paper or any other background.

Small rectangles of cardboard make great stamps for snowflakes! I think technically snowflakes have 6 arms, but these rebels have 8.  Use the edge of the cardboard to stamp the letter “t” then stamp an “x” on top to create the star/snowflake shape. This is a great opportunity to show the difference in stamping with an up and down motion, rather than dragging as with so many other mediums.

Use this as a backdrop for something or admire it just on its own 🙂 Blues and purples could also be mixed with the white tempura if you want to add another level.


…. and a Polar Bear! I used tempura paint and didn’t let it dry between steps. A sponge gives a nice texture to the bear’s body, but a paintbrush could be used as well.  The facial details could also be drawn with a crayon once the paint dries if you’d prefer that.

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