November 2015- Ideas!

Here’s a few ideas for you for the month of November!

I’ve made these fall trees with a few 2nd grade and 3rd grade classes.  The final art pieces have all turned out lovely and it is great scissor practice! We use warm colors to represent the fall leaves.  This project could also be repeated using different color schemes to represent different seasons. Here is a step by step tutorial for these fall trees.

And here is a template for the tree!  I used brown for the tree.  Students were given a big sheet of light or dark green and had to cut the ground (flat or a hill) on their own.  Pencils were not allowed for any steps!

photo 2photo (2)

This project can be connected with Russian painter, Wassily Kandinsky’s concentric circles.

File:Vassily Kandinsky, 1913 - Color Study, Squares with Concentric Circles.jpg

Here’s another fall tree idea.  Students paint warm colors on white paper (templates- page 1 & page 2) (students paint the entire back).  Once the paper is full with warm colors (similar to this moon project) students can then stamp more warm colors using paper towel rolls, Q-tips, bubble wrap, anything stamp-able.  Once the paper is dry, students cut out the circles that are on the back .  Cut thin strips of brown construction paper for students to use as trunks and branches or have students cut them! Assemble on black or blue paper.

With this project, you could talk about “space” as an element of art.  The furthest trees would be higher on the page, smaller and they would be behind the foremost trees.


I had originally seen this image on Pinterest.  They sponged the background and the branches, but I liked a plain background when assembling.

Turkey time! Here’s a simple directed draw idea.


Check out the Deep Space Sparkle blog to see how she had students color these guys.


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