Third Grade Vases

Clay is an awesome material for students to be able to work with! These third graders worked hard on their vases.  There are so many skills that students get to practice with clay projects.  We rolled the clay, cut the clay to size, scored the edges for attachment, and made measurements for creating a bottom of the vase.  Several students had to gather their clay and rework it to start over after a failed first attempt.  I was impressed with the positive attitudes! Many students talked about persistence and the benefit of challenges.  I am excited to follow these projects through their stages and see how students will use the glazes on their vases.

IMG_0517 IMG_0518 IMG_0520 IMG_0525 IMG_0526IMG_0686

After these vases were fired, students glazed their vases.  Since I am still learning the ins and outs of glazing, we had to use two sessions to glaze.  In the first session I did not have students paint enough layers of clear gloss. The final product was lovely and worth the work!

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